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After adding and tapping a race and a fleet  you will see two columns - unscored and scored skippers

Unscored Skippers:

  1. As each boat finishes tap their sail number in the unscored column, and they will be moved to the next finish position in the scored skippers column.
  2. If one or more boats remain that did not compete they can be scored as DNC or DNS with one tap on the button provided "Score All remaining skippers". If the "TwoOfThree" regatta strategy is in use, this button also allows scoring the remaining skippers as "BYE" which effectively gives them all a 0 score
  3. HMS or Promotion/Relegation heats may include a third button under the unscored skippers. "Commit Promotions and Enable Next Heat Scoring". This button is active for the lowest unscored heat after all skippers have been scored. After making sure the correct boats are shown for promotion (green 0 place marker) Tap this button to promote them to the next heat and enable scoring for that heat. They will still also show in this heat as promoted, but will no longer be changeable.

Note: All skippers must be given a score for each race to enable correct results and/or fleet assignments.

Scored Skippers:

  1. To correct the finishing order, DRAG a scored boat up or down the list using the 3 bars on the RIGHT of their entry. NOTE: On later versions of ezRegatta the 3 bars are enabled by tapping the "Edit" button top right. This reduces the chance of accidentally changing scores while scrolling.
  2. To remove a boat from the scored list, assign a letter score (DNF, DNS...), or apply redress, LONG PRESS their sail number in the scored column to bring up a list of options. Redress is not calculated automatically, as there are several methods, and some require waiting for further races. The adjusted score will show once RDG is selected and the new score can be entered manually
  3. To SCROLL the scored list DRAG the CENTER of the list. Note: avoid a long press on the center of the list as that can enable re-ordering the finishes

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